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Digital Free Spirit is the online store of a Brazilian adventurer and world traveller who also works with outdoor sports and adventure tourism in the coast of Rio - Jorge Elage 

"I have travelled the world extensively, published a book about some of my journey. I now work as international tour guide in Patagonia and Chile and owns an adventure tour company in the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but the year long sustainability of my seasonal business in the tourism industry is only balanced with my actions as a digital entrepreneur."

(frē ˈspirit)

  1. One who is not restrained, as by convention or obligation; a nonconformist. 
  2. A person who's bound only by his will power and desire.

Our work branches into many segments such as tourism, outdoor sports and event management, uniting culture, sports and nature as key elements of a journey that aims self knowledge and spiritual awareness, the search for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Thru our actions and our work with travel and adventure, in their most broad concepts, we share our lifestyle... of living fully, following our dreams, writing our story, being agents of the transformation we want for ourselves and for the world.

Elage, which in arab, means PILGRIM
has travelled a round the world loop in search of  the best destinations for adventure sports and outdoor living, working his way around the planet. The book - The Pilgrim Project - is published in portuguese and is soon being translated to english.

Digital Free Spirit reflects the natural growth of our business, offering me and my team the chance to expand our presence into other destinies and to finance a traineeship to some young Brazilian teenagers - often neglected by our politicians and our corrupt government. 

In our website you will find the best deals on products coming from a variety of countries, but mostly China and Brazil. Please note that shipping times can take from 10 to 20 business days. But the best, all is covered by our satisfaction guarantee policy.

So be welcome to join the tribe.
Be Free Spirit and help us spread this vibe. 

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Jorge Elage, the pilgrim
... and the rest of the team

Digital Free Spirit
"Forge Your Own Path"


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A Espírito Livre é uma empresa que atua em diversos segmentos, fomentando a cultura, o esporte e a natureza como elementos principais de uma jornada em busca do auto conhecimento e da evolução espiritualem busca por uma vida mais equilibrada e saudável. 

Por meio de nossas ações e nosso trabalho com viagens, turismo e aventuras ao ar livre em seus mais amplos conceitos divulgamos o este ideal de vida... de viver intensamente, trilhando nosso próprio caminho, sendo agentes do futuro que buscamos construir para nós mesmos.


"Trilhe seu Caminho"